Me, Myself and I

With a little help from my friends

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Cortez the hamster. I have the biggest crush on you right now.
Oh you…
It gets better….the other one is called Vega. And whilst Cortez will take hold of me with his teeth and shove me out of his bed area, Vega will try and drag me in to his bedding.
Here’s my boys from a couple months ago (BTW, they absolutely, totally squabble over food, play wrestle…and snuggle)

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Wonderful, Cortez. I really needed you to scratch up your ear to the point of bleeding. Thanks for that. And the whole being more wriggly and slippery than live squid while I’m trying to clip your tiny needles of toenails with nail clippers and only the nail rather than, I dunno, the quick or your entire toe, was really helpful.

At least his miffed reaction to it all was a haughty wash followed by a brief nibble of my finger. I swear, this fuzzball is as laid back as his namesake.

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"So, what did you get up to last night?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just an ethics/philosophy debate via Twitter with Lucifer. Was all good."

(Have I ever said how much I love Mark Pellegrino?)

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