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I’ve just watched Admiral Steven Hackett-soundalike Reverend Driscoll turn into a werewolf and chase Major Evan Lorne/Deputy Andy through the forest whilst the latters’ fiancee, Tallis/Charlie, weaponed up with her brothers ready to go hunting.

Gotta love it when fandoms collide…and seriously…Faux!Hackett is killing it in this film. Literally :D

(BTW, Whuffie? This one is a giggle!)

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Arnie: *checks gun* I’m almost out. I’ll be back.

Willis: *slightly grouchy* You’ve been back enough - I’ll be back.

Arnie: *as Willis leaves* *irked* Yippy-kai-ay.

Me: *falls off couch dying of laughter*

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Watching Expendables 2 for the first time. Jet Li just took out six guys with kitchen utensils.

My reaction:


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It’s not just chocolate, ice cream, clothes and shoes that make girls happy.

Watching some bad-ass eye-candy beat the living shit out of a bad guy or three works too.

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So freaking bushwhacked after this week even the most obnoxious of the darlings that share my headspace has been quiet. Suspiciously quiet in her specific case. But for the others…more annoying than suspicious.

Then again, it could be worse. I’m just hoping Jericho hasn’t found the old attic door of olden ideas…be just like him to go find where the wild things are.

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